About Mama Roberta

Mama Roberta with TripletsRoberta’s early interest in baking was inspired by the unbelievably delicious coffee cake her Hungarian grandmother used to keep in the pantry. Although she actually never saw her bake them, she was captivated. In her early adult years living in Israel, she began baking more often (as was a hobby of most Israelis). Beginning with blintzes, she soon learned a great recipe for New York Streusel Coffee Cake. In fact, her boyfriend’s grandmother (at the time), baked the recipe with her to show her the proper way to make them. After that moment, Roberta was hooked on baking.

In 1986, while living in Sherman Oaks, CA, she finally decided to turn her favorite hobby into a catering business with “Home Baked With Love”. To prepare herself, she took a catering course to learn skills and rules of the trade.


Her collection of exceptional baked goods have been discovered and then modified to perfection over the years. The famous New York Style Cheesecake recipe came to her originally as a Rum Cheesecake. After years of improvisation, it had evolved into the delicacy it is today. Her famous rolls started out as simple Jewish Hamantashen dough recipe given to her by her old roommate, but of course has been modified to have the exquisite taste and texture it does now.

Over the years she has catered holiday functions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, weddings, performances, for restaurants, and auctions. Included in her services, she can add toppings and decorations on her baked goods and serve them on beautiful platters.

In 1998, she completed her certification to become a Certified Food Health Service Manager by the Health Department in the state of Massachusetts. Through this course, she learned many skills on sanitation, proper methods of preparing and storing food, and managing a successful food service company.